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Bewildering Stories

Challenge 817

Rain in the Odors

  1. In L. S. Popovich’s Storm, does Gotenba describe pantheism, polytheism or animism? Hint: Only one answer is correct.

  2. In Luke Saldanha’s Shedders, what are “gobfins”?

  3. In Oonah V. Joslin’s Memories of a Raindrop, who is Harrison Ford? If you were a raindrop, whom would you choose to pester?

  4. In Jeffrey Greene’s To the Berginlight Bridge:

    1. What details — in addition to the spheres — seem incongruous in the setting?
    2. What do the two travelers specifically identify as incongruous?
  5. In Patric Quinn’s Until Death Do Us Part:

    1. Does Mr. Penney always act professionally, especially in passing judgment on the family members’ activities?
    2. Does Patricia confess to killing her mother? Or is Patricia “not guilty under very suspicious circumstances”?
    3. As Patricia’s laywer, what is Steve Brand legally and ethically required to do?
  6. In Walter Kwiatkowski’s Under the Bandstand:

    1. Does Leo, the veteran Park Ranger, tell Tim, the new guy, too little, enough or too much about his working conditions?
    2. In hindsight, Tim acts incautiously in venturing under the bandstand. In foresight, does he act reasonably?
    3. What might have normally alerted Tim and anyone in the park that something has already gone very wrong under the bandstand?

  7. Responses welcome!

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