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Tetsuya Sato

Tetsuya was born in Hamamatsu in 1960 and graduated from Seijo University. He has worked for a software compnay and has won acclaim for his novels.

King Anisika” is a socio-political satire in the form of a fable marked by grim humor. Readers will feel sorry for the peasants, but only up to a point: they seem extraordinarily gullible. And one may feel sorry for King Anisika, too; he is the only one who does any thinking. He is not very swift, but we can at least give him credit for trying. The story takes the adage “Be careful what you ask for” a step further: “First, be sure you know what you want.”

Tetsuya Sato’s bio sketch can be found here.

Our thanks to Toshiya Kamei for the translation. And welcome to Bewildering Stories, Tetsuya. We hope to hear from you again soon and often!

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