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Challenge 826

Take Charge

  1. In L. S. Popovich’s Return, what seems to distinguish Telos’ character from that of Izzalia and Riku?

  2. In Ed Blundell’s Play the Game:

    1. Does the callers’ increasingly thick accent have a function in the story? If it were omitted, would anything else change? What might the narrator conclude or speculate about it?
    2. Does the story overstep our Vignettes guideline? Does the narrator really know anything more at the end than he does at the beginning? What possible conclusions to the story can you think of?
  3. In Scott Richburg’s Ghost Man on First;

    1. What does the old man complain about? How does he rebel?
    2. What does Nelson complain about, and how does he rebel?
    3. The old man and the boy are not really playing baseball. What kind of game are they playing, and what seem to be the rules?
  4. In Ken Poyner’s Scout:

    1. What is the moral of the poem?
    2. What physical characteristic will spacefaring space aliens most likely have in common with human beings?
  5. In Stephen Emmanuel Ogboh’s Let No One Steal Your Song, who might “steal” someone’s “song” and why?

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