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The Inner Light

by Alan Garfoot

As I meditate my will upon the inner concepts of my being,
Upon Welsh standing stones, the human races fate I have seen.
Ancient monolith of time and space unified through light,
In silence now I sit alone out of sound and out of sight

Observing over the fate and destiny of those I try to protect,
But our race’s narcissistic naivety in the masses I still detect.
Painted upon the stones I see the essences of the human will,
And through the light of consciousness, my desires are fulfilled.

I focus my mind and ideas upon the concepts I wish to equate,
And as my mind gazes inwards I see myself amidst my mistakes.
An individual’s pattern I see in the warp of their intentional will,
Rise from the chaos within your soul emerge tranquil and still.

An ancient soul entity as old as time the few creators of inner form,
Perceiving origins and destiny and who knows your heart was torn.
So with the dynamics of immortality will you emerge once again,
The embodiment of the eternal is still yours and is still the same.

Infinities embodiment in its essence is the circle drawn in fire,
Enshrinement of the ultimate cosmic all overcome all dark desire.
For the will of the inner universe is as ancient as all have taught,
Unifying will into perfection mastering the dynamics of our thoughts.

Copyright © 2019 by Alan Garfoot

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