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He Gobbled Up the Minutes

by Bill Bowler

He gobbled up the minutes of his life
Like dumplings swallowed whole,
While those around him rolled the dice,
Hoped for the best and paid the price
With ready cash or took out loans
To buy some time and cheat their fates
At highly favorable rates
According to the best advice.

Some got hot and doubled down,
Many hobbled, howled and moaned,
Some tried to hide or went for broke.
Some forked it over with a groan,
Some wallowed in it, some denied
They had it coming out of pride,
Some blamed others, some themselves,
Some felt great, some felt like Hell,
Some opened fire, some fell prone,
Some got the news well in advance,
Some stalled for time and held the phone,
Some collapsed while others danced,
Some wet their pants and tried to run,
Some had to laugh and have some fun,

But one by one, young and old,
Smart and stupid, meek and bold,
Those with nothing, those with gold,
First and last, with truth and lies,
Big surprise! They dropped like flies
And hit the ground stone cold.

And all he wished was one more gulp,
One last glance around before
His atoms scattered to the poles
Like startled birds,
Like little kids dismissed from school,
Pouring through the playground door
Towards something missed, an unheard word,

Just one last sip then disappear,
An afterthought of someone near...

Copyright © 2019 by Bill Bowler

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