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Musical Tastes Change

by Stephen Ellams

You took me for granted
Like the passing of seasons
Lame love compositions
Vivaldian mood-swings
Semi-brief passion
Cheeks for staved kisses
Destroying the leitmotif
Of long-term commitment

Disharmonious mind
Off the scale contradictions
Both major and minor
Distorting everything
‘Sustain that vibrato!’
And with a high-pitched scream
You severed our chord
Then courted the mainstream

New songs in your eyes
Con brio, con fuoco
The key to forgetting us
Spring and Summer duets
Preludes to the next muse
For your temporary heaven
Not a negative vibe
In your record collection

So our symphony died
Each movement unmarried
Wrong signature time?
Or was it my accent?
Trust buried alive
In double bed rests
Discordant thoughts
And staccato half-steps

A cappella prayer
Outer skin peeling
My soul crying out
For canorous healing
Drum hollow inside
Hidden truth in an off-beat
I guess we were never singing
From the same hymn sheet

Copyright © 2020 by Stephen Ellams

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