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Bewildering Stories

Challenge 869

When, Where and Why?

  1. In Natan Dubovitsky’s Near Zero Chapter 32: Why does Yegor proclaim that life is “absurd”? Summarize succinctly Yegor’s and Yana’s response to the dilemma.

  2. In Bill Kowaleski’s A Revelation: Senator Bourbonnais is told that Sirians intermarried with prehistoric humans. Is the story credible? What questions might he ask?
    Is his political reversal plausible? How do people today react to genetics research showing that early modern humans intermarried with Neanderthals?

  3. In Robert Walton’s Llorona, who or what is “Llorona”?

  4. In C. J. Heckman’s The Stranger from Scyllamar:

    1. Is the Dwarf’s name Oren or Ora? Is the Dwarf male or female? In either case, what is the function of the disguise?
    2. Ora ultimately chooses to help the stranger, despite learning that he fought opposite her cousins during the battle of Dunny Wood. What might have led her to make this choice?
  5. In Tom Vaine’s Omega Brown and the Tellerian Shapeshifter: Does Omega Brown’s and Hoonra’s combat with the shapeshifter take place simultaneously with their enounter with the Dreamer society? What is the sequence of events? What is the shapeshifter’s motive for attacking Omega and Hoonra?

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