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Bewildering Stories

Challenge 875

Gone Without Saying

  1. In Natan Dubovitsky’s Near Zero: In the 38 chapters to date, how has Yegor been disappointed, deceived and betrayed, and by whom?

  2. In Bill Kowaleski’s A Conspiracy Fractures, what is the conspiracy, and how does it “fracture”?

  3. In J. H. Malone’s Drunk on Time, how do Liesl’s and Saul’s personalities differ?

  4. In Jeremy N. Marks’ Sturgeon Sea, what actual sea might the story refer to, and where is it located?

  5. In Gillian Wills’ Uninvited:

    1. Are Remi and Cesca incompatible?
    2. How might the story continue beyond its current ending?
  6. In Mike Lee’s On the Balcony:

    1. Why is Antanzia a fictional country rather than a real one?
    2. Why are the “Five Years,” the camps and “the burning time” only alluded to rather than described?
    3. Where do Dwyer’s and Mariah’s parents come from? Anywhere in particular or anywhere in the Northern Hemisphere?
  7. In John W. Steele’s The Replicant:

    1. Does the vellum manuscript serve any function other than as Julia’s means of luring Wilson to her residence?
    2. In what way does Wilson take revenge, and for what?
    3. Does Wilson’s transformation from a “nobody” to a superman make him more than a replicant of Dr. Vrill?

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