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Bewildering Stories

Challenge 886

Over and Under the Top

  1. In Jeffrey Greene’s Emphatically Yours:

    1. How does the woman know that the finger is actually Klaus’s? Is it illegal for her to keep it without reporting it? What ought she to do?
    2. What might the amputated member signify? Misplaced remorse? A tangible insult, i.e. a substitute for another finger? Or might it be a warning?
  2. In Gary Clifton’s Secondary Solutions:

    1. What does “DEA” represent?
    2. How will Supervisor Glen Chism resolve his double dilemma in police work? What shall he do about Jackson, Suzy and Wilbur?
    3. Given the time frame in the succession of events, why might one surmise that Wilbur is not exactly human? What else might he be?
  3. In John D. Connelley’s A Childhood Memory: What might the three specks be that fly away in the night?

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