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Iceberg Alert

by Gary Inbinder

Iceberg alert.
Our ship’s going down.
Meanwhile let’s party.
Who’ll play the clown?

The iceberg is real;
it’s reality we hate.
So, we’ll wish it away,
before it’s too late.

Champagne for elites.
Cheap beer for the proles.
The places are set.
We all know our roles.

Our captain’s half-mad;
his officers blind.
A fine ship of fools;
the dross of our kind.

The party’s a blast.
We’re having such fun;
till our captain goes ape,
and pulls out his gun.

We run for the lifeboats,
but they’re shot full of holes.
There is no escaping
our ship of lost souls.

Oligarchs and proles,
in the same sinking boat.
We’re learning a lesson;
illusions don’t float.

Iceberg alert.
Our ship has gone down.
The party is over.
We’ve all played the clown.

Copyright © 2021 by Gary Inbinder

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