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Rediscovering Your Beauty

by Stephen Ellams

We scaled a scarp-edged mountain
To the west of Loch Lomond
A clan of just three
Reprising a memory
From our romantic archive

Your older brother and me
Steeped in philosophy
As you stole a march
Your flaming red hair
Blowing wild in the breeze

Guiding us towards our peak
Through crisp bracken leaf
Beneath an unblemished sky
The Argyllian landscape
A most welcome relief

From the urbanised grey
That had clouded our way
Since the last time we climbed
Out of that querulous chasm
Into calm, rural minds

Along an ancient ley line
Where mauve heath and Scots pine
Purified the air that we breathed
In the presence of such beauty
I was humbled, I was healed

Copyright © 2020 by Stephen Ellams

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