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Challenge 889

But Not Too Nice a Day

  1. In Gary Clifton’s Relative Matters: What might happen if Marisol were pregnant? What if she and Chad discovered they are more closely related? What might they want to take into account in starting a family?

  2. In Michael Jess Alexander’s Quiet Mimicry, why does Hunter smile at the end, while the tendrils creep over him?

  3. In Jeffrey Greene’s The Good Day:

    1. Why does the main character have no name?
    2. What constitutes a “good day”? What might it be for people in really dire straits?
    3. Is the “good day” the main character’s last or is it everybody’s?
    4. What is the moral? Dread a good day? Make every day count because it may be the last? Life is problems?
  4. In LindaAnn LoSchiavo’s Summoning Themis:

    1. What does Themis normally symbolize: justice or retribution?
    2. Does building holy shrines necessarily intimate impotence? What else might the shrines signify?
    3. Does the poem contradict or confirm the essay Santa Claus Died in Lisbon?
  5. In Meg Smith’s A Home for Minor Planets:

    1. “They’” = ?
    2. “Coals” = ?
    3. Where is the “Highlands neighborhood”?

Responses welcome!

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