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Challenge 893

Lights Up

  1. In Jef Coburn’s Kiss and Tell:

    1. At Neil’s and Jade’s booth in the Den of Uniquity, what is the color of the food? Aside from green vegetables, will customers find it edible?
    2. Neil and Jade exchange bizarre stories of a “first kiss.” What important element do their stories have in common? How do they differ?
    3. In what way might the “first kiss” stories imply a caution about Neil’s and Jade’s meetings in chapters 1 and 2? What does Jade know about Neil that Neil does not know about Jade?
  2. In Brian Clark’s That Other Guy: Mark Reynolds appears in chapter 1. What is the significance of his clothing? Of Ryan Doyle’s, in chapter 4?

  3. In Max Christopher’s Though I Hold You While We’re Dancing: Does officially enforced sex change seem to have a purpose? If so, what is it?

  4. In Emile Erckmann’s and Alexandre Chatrian’s The Mysterious Sketch: What does the story imply about the effect of realism in art in the 19th century? In the 21st century, how might technology allow the accused to deny the authenticity of purported visual evidence?

  5. In Sterling Warner’s Fully Loaded: In what way is Charles Jenkins as reckless as his wife, Linda? Aside from wearing body armor from head to toe, what steps might he take to protect society as well as himself?

  6. In Ed Blundell’s Void: We’re told that outer space has “no trace of light.” Disregarding hyperbole for dramatic effect, what might one infer philosophically from the recent astronomical discovery of residual light in space?

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