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Challenge 897


  1. In Charles C. Cole’s Gomer: What does the narrator experience that Gomer’s owners do not?

  2. In Jef Coburn’s Jade:

    1. How would the story change if Jade were of any other color than green?
    2. Neil and his friends are obviously not green. Of what color or colors are they?
    3. Could the story be understood in a country where everyone was of the same color?
    4. What qualities determine Neil’s preference of spouse? Does he have the same qualities as the ones she values?
  3. In Paula Keane’s Clockwork Hearts:

    1. Why are organ donations and transplants so commonplace, even ubiquitous?
    2. Why are the mechanical organ replacements given to the donors rather than to the patients who need them?
    3. Is “augment” an ironic term? At what point do successive mechanical organ replacements cause a person to cease to be a human being and become an android?
  4. In Ralph Benton’s Visions of Glory, the story ends as it began: Bromin is a helpless puppet manipulated by a malevolent mother figure. Since the wicked witch is revealed to be immortal, omniscient and omnipotent, are the adventures of Jarl Bromin, Captain Shirvold, Therabine and their army merely a dream within a dream? How might the story be structured to avoid overstepping Bewildering Stories’ “dream stories” guideline?

Responses welcome!

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