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Truck Fenders

by Channie Greenberg

Careening vehicles, rushing too close to
To trucks, regularly fashion lanes where
Intrepid cockroaches might imaginably
Shimmy away.

Stonehearted pedestrians thrust small
Children into intersections once cars
Cruise too close for secured crossing
Or pausing.

Kilometers of construction sites still
Cull distress when unacknowledged
Hammer jacks jones completing all

Schools buses, likewise, readily bonk
Recyclable bins whether city magnets
Fail to delay, detain, or derail projects’

Bridges placed against ancient alleys,
Titanic municipal walkways, convey,
Skip over potholes with grace akin to
Aerial dancers’.

Temporarily, ill-treated togs, sundry
Bolts thrust past two-seater bicycles,
Electric-powered autos, apartments
In empty buildings.

Copyright © 2021 by Channie Greenberg

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