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What’s in Issue 93

Novels Tala Bar’s Gaia continues chapter 1, “The Land” with Dar taking Nim under her wing as a kind of daughter in installment 6. The two of them gather provisions and set out across country in installment 7.

In Ian Donnell Arbuckle’s Made It Way Up, we have the viewpoint of Essa in part 9 and Kelly in part 10. Bernard and Lane’s plans begin to take shape.

Serials Michael J A Tyzuk concludes “Rude Awakening” as Tamara Tomson and her partner, Jeffrey, solve the crime... and find two lives in even greater shambles than Tamara’s own.

Ásgrímur Hartmannsson has us riding shotgun with one of his favorite characters: a deliveryman with speedy wheels. The deliveryman begins to wonder just what this cat food is that he’s delivering, and he’ll discover that curiosity might not only kill a cat but himself, to boot, in “Catnips.”

Norman A. Rubin portrays one of life’s prettier moments: a chance meeting with a very attractive-looking person. Only, the opportunity is a flower that will soon fade unless the hero musters the initiative to “Seize the Moment.”
Poetry New contributor Michael Murry brings us a poem that evokes the perils of manned space flight. But “Ad astra ex machina” is also a polemic in verse that revives one of the main themes and favorite styles of the Enlightenment philosophers.
Discussion Don Webb explores the background and implications of some well-known religious and philosophical views in “Santa Claus Died in Libson.”


Welcome Bewildering Stories is pleased to welcome Stephen Heister.
Challenge Challenge 93 is an invitation: Carpe diem
The Reading
Jerry Wright reviews Dave Kuzminski’s Knight Spirits.
Editorial The Future of Books

In Times to Come

Ásgrímur Hartmannsson will concude “Catnips,” Tala Bar continues Gaia and Ian Donnell Arbuckle continues Made It Way Up. We’ll also have more...

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