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Made It Way Up

part 13: Lane

by Ian Donnell Arbuckle

Part 12 appeared in issue 94.


I knew it; you knew it.

“All right, fuckaroo,” he said. He had his arm around my wife.

No children but a legacy. I leave behind the Earth and her desperate whorish ways for the bright expanding nitrogen and oxygen, liquid and solid and gas, all pulling apart, all free.

We planned for chaos. Interrupted by a scream of metal. I leave behind the Earth, the dirt; it’s on my fingers, yet.

And for this reason, the Good Book says, a young man will leave his mother and never look back. He will perch atop his plans, miles in the air, and watch as his future descends, black, through space, bleeding all its warmth into the void until there is nothing left for him.

She has been a growling bitch. Interrupted by a scream of metal. She was not for me. Keep her; keep all her history.

I don’t scream fight breathe blink pant struggle fumble slip burn care.

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Copyright © 2004 by Ian Donnell Arbuckle

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