Bewildering Stories


Issue 98

Readers’ Guide: What’s in issue 98

Novels Tala Bar, Gaia, chapter 3: “The River” part 1

Ian Donnell Arbuckle, Made It Way Up,
  part 22: Bernard; part 23: Essa and Kelly

Serial Michael J A Tyzuk, The Soul Hunter, part 2
euhal allen, Stamp of Distinction
Stephen Heister,
  The Seemingly Random Emergence of Threes
Poetry Steven Francis Murphy, Earth, One Each
Steven Utley, “Nothing Comes” and “Burn, and Begone”


Welcome Bewildering Stories welcomes euhal allen
Discussion Stephen Heister responds to Challenge 97
Don Webb, The Dynamic Text
Challenge Challenge 98: On the Way Down
Letters Deep Bora writes about Post-Election Days in India
The Reading
Jerry Wright reviews John G. Hemry’s Burden of Proof
Editorial Steven Utley, Visit with a Fun Guy
News Beer Frame

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