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The Lonely Young Woman and the Tree Frog

Once upon a time there was a beautiful young woman named Emma. She was very lonely, because for some reason, beautiful young men did not look her way.

She would often wonder why this was so, as she wandered through the near by park, watching the squirrels run by. She dreamt about meeting a beautiful prince, who would come one day riding in his limo, fall in love with her at first sight, and take her to his faraway kingdom to live in riches.

Emma sighed, knowing this would never happen. She stopped, and bowed her head, saddened.

Then, she by chance spotted a little tree frog. She leaned down to pick it up. The tree frog was dry and soft to the touch, as tree frogs often are, and she petted it gently, and she thought about all the stories in which the frog is really a prince under a spell, waiting for the fair maiden to kiss him in order to turn him back into a prince. And she said to the frog:

“Oh, little tree frog, I wish you would turn into a beautiful prince, and fall in love with me.”

And she kissed the frog.

Much to her shock, the little frog immediately began transforming. She dropped the frog on the ground, and watched in amazement, until there, in front of her stood... with a come-hither look in the eyes... stark naked... the most beautiful... Princess.

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