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Preview Procedure

Congratulations, you have finally received the Preview notice, which constitutes your “page proof.” Now what?

  1. Our official motto is: “Proofreading never ends.” BwS likes to dress up nicely and put on a good appearance. Please double-check spelling, punctuation and grammar. After proofreading the text, send corrections, if any.

    Proofreading: Only line edits can be considered at this stage. Simply copy-paste the original sentence — or some sufficient context — and, below it, rewrite it appropriately. Please do not use any other method; it will be confusing and hard to read. Please do not resend the entire file; we can’t work with it.

    BwS normally refers to multiple pages as “parts” of a work. If there is more than one part, citing the part number will help. The editor searches for keywords. Please do not bother to refer to pages or line numbers in your word-processor file; no two viewers will see the same file in exactly the same way on different platforms.

  2. Bio page: Please also check the link to your bio, in the copyright line on each page. If your bio page has external links, you may want to verify them, as well.

    BwS bibliography: The titles of new contributors’ works are entered on their bio pages as a matter of course. Veteran contributors may request that the bibliography on their bio page be updated. The procedure is quite simple: please send the issue number(s) or links. If you send links, you don’t even have to do any typing, only copy-pasting. Please see our simple instructions at Updating.

  3. The Challenge is the most fun of all. It’s in preparation during the week and is normally complete by Sunday night. Authors and readers alike are encouraged to send responses to any of the questions or to propose questions of their own. Discussions may be posted in a subsequent issue. As always, the discussions may continue. And you’re not limited to the latest issue; discussions of anything in any previous issues are also welcome.

  4. On Monday, when the issue officially goes on line, save the page(s) or copy-paste the text into a word-processor document for your future reference. Our Review Editors regularly find errors that have escaped both our authors and the Managing Editor; corrections are made routinely. It’s a good idea to keep a record of the final version.

    At the same time, you may want to post the link to your title on social media and in e-mail. Such promotion is good for you and for Bewildering Stories, too!

  5. Further opportunities: Many of our contributors have prior publications. We may be able to consider them. For complete information, please see Excerpts, which are the next best thing to a review, and Prior Publication; we may deem titles “hard to find.”

If you have any updates, please send them to the Managing Editor at the address on our Contact page.

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