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Synopsis of Observation Two

by Michael E. Lloyd

The Doman visitors on the orbiting star-craft Mater have completed their initial assessment of the integrity of humankind’s public figures and published data. The Domans are not impressed.

Now under revised orders to establish a complete picture of the Earth’s natural resources, especially in several areas of great interest to their home world, they will need a new guide and interpreter to help them scout out the true lay of the land.

Salvatore Pirone will be that man, to start with at least, and he will soon lead them from Europe to the rich promise of the USA. But he will prove to be not fully up to the job, and the Domans will need to call again upon the services of their earlier, more reliable assistant Toni, as well as a promising new one who will soon cross their path in America.

As the three young conscripts struggle with their own relationship challenges, on top of the demanding impositions of the Mater and the increasing interest of Homeland Security, the visitors make faltering but steady progress in formulating proposals that can meet the greatest resource shortfalls of both Earth and Dome.

And the Domans have also discovered a rather unattractive little racket now blossoming secretly in California, involving a very special commodity that they are particularly keen to lay their hands on ...

Copyright © 2006 by Michael E. Lloyd

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