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Bewildering Stories’
First Quarterly Review, 2012

Editors’ Choices: issues 460-471

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The Quarter’s Best Issues
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Selections are listed in alphabetical order by author.
Multiple titles are in chronological order.

Short Stories

Shai Afsai, The Shomer
Edward Ahern, Alte Kameraden
Dean Francis Alfar, Packing for the Moon
Scott D. Coon, The Hero Rush
Mike Florian, Storm Variations
Sari Friedman & Julia Cheng, Climbing the Air
Dean Giles, DAVE
Sean Hower, The Runner
Gary Inbinder
Margaret Karmazin, A Sighting on the Blind Side
Lisamarie Lamb, Travelling West
Arthur Mackeown, The Yellow Road
Bolaji Odofin, Clocks
David J. Rank, The Man Who Had Lived Here
Cheryl W. Ruggiero & Susan A. Hagedorn Sherman Smith, Strong Suit
Ron van Sweringen, The Walking on Water Café
Audrey Williams, Papa Jah’s Banjo

The Order of the Hot Potato

And now, since “Bewildering” Stories is a friend of the unconventional, here are the 16 most controversial works of the quarter, the ones on which the Review Editors’ opinions diverged significantly for one reason or another.

The titles are listed in descending order with the most controversial first. Five of the titles appear among the Editors’ Choices, including two that qualify for the Annual Review.

  1. Abha Iyengar, Birthing the Blue
  2. Lisamarie Lamb, Travelling West
  3. Charles C. Cole, Company Business
  4. James Graham, The Poetry of John Clare
  5. Mary B. McArdle, Sonnet to Winter
  6. Charles C. Cole, A Visitor in the Night
  7. Lindsea L. Hutchinson, Half Full
  8. John Stocks, Masada
  1. Shai Afsai, The Shomer
  2. Jordan E. Mierek, The Golden Man
  3. Charles C. Cole, Moonflower
  4. Jewel Beth Davis, The Glow Boy
  5. Audrey Williams, Papa Jah’s Banjo
  6. Gordon Purkis, Shade of Mondays
  7. Michael D. Brooks, Popolitics
  8. John W. Vieczorek, Harvest Dawn
The Hottest-Potato Issues of the Quarter

As a special treat, Bewildering Stories links to
the three most controversial issues of the quarter:

  1. The Öort Cloud
  2. The Kuiper Belt
  3. The Asteroid Belt

The Order of Merit

Here are links to the top winners, the most highly rated works in each genre represented by more than one title in this Quarterly Review. The categories are listed in the order in which they normally appear in a regular issue Index or Readers’ Guide. Place your bets — figuratively, of course — and then click on the category links.

In Short Stories, the difference between 1st and 5th place is negligible, and it is about half the difference between 5th and 6th place. Accordingly, your Managing Editor declares a five-way tie. In keeping with Bewildering Stories’ astronomical motif, the winners are designated by the names of space telescopes and are listed in chronological order of the stories’ publication.

Short Stories:   Hubble   Hipparcos   Swift   Kepler   Corot
Flash Fiction
Short Poetry

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