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Bewildering Stories

Richard H. Fay

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Richard H. Fay is an author, artist, poet and home school dad who resides in upstate New York. He is inspired by history, myth, and legend, as well as the classics of fantasy, horror and adventure literature. Some of his work can be seen on-line in the e-zines The Sword Review, Aphelion, Haiku Haven and Fantastic Horror, as well as Bewildering Stories. Other examples of his writing and artwork can be seen on his web site,

Copyright © 2007 by Richard H. Fay

Bewildering Stories bibliography

West Dingleton’s Loss of Humanity
Nanomite 323
The Changeling
Old Mother Elder
The Dark Host
A Horror Editor’s Lament
My Haunted House
My Alien Love
Ethereal Journey
Peg Powler
Wandering Ole Willow
The Devourer Took a New Name

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