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My Haunted House

by Richard H. Fay

Troubled memories drag me back
To the site of my deepest fears.
I travel once more to the spot
That spawned my most terrible dreams.
I draw near the frowning facade,
Set to face my personal Hell.
I must confront the ghosts within
For my soul to be truly free.

I ascend the rickety stairs
And turn the knob with sweaty palms.
An acrid, choking dust wells up
As I open the creaking door.
The scent of death hangs in the air.
Hot blood drums in my throbbing head
As I cross the crooked threshold
And enter my forsaken home.

Shadows move amongst the cobwebs
And drift across the filthy floor.
Echoes of dreadful thoughts and deeds
Resound throughout the dank abode.
Images of strife flood my mind.
A great sadness overtakes me
As the grey walls weep crimson tears
And the whole house shudders and sighs.

My chilled body shivers and shakes
As a prickly draught sweeps past me.
A violent vision appears
Before eyes blurred by bitter pain.
Seething anger and abject fear
Tie my stomach in tangled knots
As long buried torment returns
And my life’s heartache is replayed.

Somehow I find the hidden strength
To challenge the grim, restless shades.
I take a deep breath, clench my fists,
And screw up my courage to cry,
“Fell black phantoms, haunt me no more!
Back to the past where you belong!”
Haggard spectres threaten gravely,
But I hold my ground against them.

Evil faces twist and distort
Into spiteful visions of hate.
Apparitions swirl about me
In a churning, whirring vortex.
Wispy hands reach out for my soul,
But I recoil from their cold touch.
“Enough!” I scream as I feel faint.
“Leave my wretched spirit alone!”

The dark wraiths wail pitifully,
Then the fearful scene fades to black.
The defeated phantoms retreat
Back into the dim murky mist
Of recollections and regrets.
I stumble down the rotten steps
And leave exhausted but content,
Glad to be rid of my demons
Once and for all.

Copyright © 2008 by Richard H. Fay

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