Issue 284

Readers’ Guide: What’s in issue 284

Novel Slawomir Rapala, The Three Kings
Chapter II: A Line Undone, part 3; part 4; part 5
Novella Bertil Falk, Eucharist for a Sinless Mankind
Chapter 1: The Bureau of Salvation, part 1, section 1; section 2
Serial Bob Friedman, Graveless in South Cynica, part 1
Rebecca Nazar, Courier Roy
Rachel Parsons, Lighting the Candle
E. S. Strout, Channel Surfing
Chris Ward, A Thousand Lives of Flies
Gerry Mandel, Walt Trizna, And Then He Rested
Poetry Richard H. Fay, My Haunted House
Christopher Barnes, Pit Stop
Oonah V Joslin, The Mission
Memoir Dualta Carolan, The Battle of the Buttons
Essay Donald Schneider, Bill Bowler’s Essays and Fiction


Welcome Bewildering Stories welcomes Dualta Carolan, Bob Friedman,
Challenge Challenge 284: Forlorn at the Rest Stop
Letters David Redd writes about Christine Bruness’s “Nevada”
Contest 4 E. S. Strout, The Flea
The Art
NASA: Endeavour Spacewalk 10
NASA: Picture of the Day

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