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Christine Bruness’s “Nevada”

Dear Bewildering People

Your Quarterly Review concentrates on the written word, probably wisely, but one of your bonus links (Oort Cloud?) reminded me that the Christine Bruness artwork entitled “Nevada” merits mention. As with a famous old Analog cover showing a space station, when “Nevada” is rotated through 90 degrees the mood and interpretation change remarkably but remain valid; clearly, the artist has created something special and “alive.” Cue appreciation for Ms Bruness.

Best wishes to you and BwS


Copyright © 2008 by David Redd

Thank you for the feedback, David, and thanks again as well to Christine Bruness for the copy of her painting.

I asked Christine, when the image first came in, whether it should be displayed lengthwise vertically or horizontally. Christine said vertically. But I think my initial instinct was like yours, David: it works both ways, although to different effect.


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