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Pablo A. Nieto

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Pablo A. Nieto was born in Argentina in 1982. He is a student at Universidad de Buenos Aires and is about to get his first degree in Psychology.

As a writer he is advocated mainly to epic fantasy and to essay writing on the fields of psychoanalysis and humanities in general.

Apart from this web site, some of his stories can be found at Elfwood. His psychoanalytical works, available only in Spanish, can be found at (look for issues oct-04, oct-05 and sep-06).

He began working on an epic fantasy saga at the age of fourteen, in 1996. Ten years later, in April 2006, the first volume of the saga was concluded (which is not available to read online and has not been translated into English). The second volume is planned to be finished by april 2007, that is, pretty much sooner than the first one.

Although writing is crucial for him, Pablo Nieto aspires to become a full polymath, having had incursions in acting, Chinese kung-fu, Yoga, and Latin, and pursuing further studies in philosophy, ancient Greek, Sanskrit, astronomy and paleontology, without ever giving up reading, writing, physical condition, independent research...

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