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Doug Pugh

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Doug Pugh lives in Shrewsbury, Shropshire. His days whirl by, filled with three active miniature dachshunds, a passion for motocross riding and growing plans to travel across the ocean to be with a cute lady writer he met on the internet.

Oh... and he writes. He is a regular contributor to The Write Idea and participates on other forums, such as Cafe Doom and Writers Dock.

Doug’s “Heaven Scent” appears in SlingInk’s Eurofiction anthology Vol. 1, and “Encore,” “It’s good to talk” and “White Dust” were chosen for An Angel Passed Through, a selection of the top entries from the 2005 SlingInk Prize for Fiction.

When a few of his poems were published in a now-forgotten UK volume, it encouraged him to keep putting his fingers on the keyboard!

Copyright © 2006 by Doug Pugh

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