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Elizabeth Racz

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I was born and raised in Hungary. I loved (and love) to read, particularly science fiction and horror stories. John Wyndham and Stephen King are two of my favourite writers. English is my second language, but it’s the only one in which I’ve written lyrics and poetry.

I didn’t begin writing until I was 45. My words for songs have been put to music by major-label recording artists, several of whom I have admired for decades, as well as up-and-coming newer artists. Classic ‘70s pop is my favourite genre; I especially love ELO, Supertramp, and Pilot. I administrate a Facebook fan page for the Canadian band Klaatu, members of whom, I’m proud to say, have recorded my songs. (Klaatu made news when, in the early ‘70s, they were rumoured — even hyped — to be the Beatles in disguise; but they never fooled me.)

Although my main affinity is for words, I also compose music, teach piano, and — as a hobby — draw pencil portraits that, I’m honoured to say, have greatly impressed some of my subjects. I am further honoured to have my first published poem appear in Bewildering Stories!

You can find me on Facebook for more about me:

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