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Bewildering Stories

Visalakshi Viswanathan

Bewildering Stories biography

Visalakshi Viswanathan is a woman of many interests and passions. She loves art and poetry, music and museums. She gets furious at the thought of racial and gender injustice. The sciences are her job but the arts are the place where she relaxes and puts her feet up. She defends family like Horatio at the bridge. If we are the sum of our experiences, then she must be a complex equation. She draws on life from Africa, Australia and India and on the beauty that life and nature can offer. Don’t look for a pattern in her work, save that it has all of her life in it.

Copyright © 2013, 2014 by Visalakshi Viswanathan

Bewildering Stories bibliography

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The Minstrel’s Tryst
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In Memphis
A Dragon’s Tale
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The Witch of Uluru

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