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My Doppelgänger

by Visalakshi Viswanathan

I cloned myself the other day
With pluripotent DNA
Injected in wee empty cells
In incubated plastic wells.

I watched them multiply and grow
A brain, a heart and bone marrow.
Few titbits more, and there stood she:
A dainty little mini-me.

I fed her on the choicest fare,
To make her strong, took utmost care.
She grew so fine and finally
She stole my boyfriend’s heart from me.

He called her “pretty little elf”
And said, “She’s sweeter than thyself.”
And then my bank account she stole,
And left me in a deep dark hole.

Alone, I plot to take her life,
For all she’s brought is grief and strife.
I’d tampered with her telomeres;
She’ll never age, despite her years.

Her evil schemes I’d not foreseen;
She was my twin in every gene.
I’ll slit her throat, I’ll slice it thrice,
There is no antidote for vice.

Copyright © 2014 by Visalakshi Viswanathan

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