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Bewildering Stories

Thomas B. White

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Thomas White has published his fiction, poetry and essays in the United States, Australia, and Canada, both online and in print. He has written for numerous journals, including Specusphere, Gangway, The Neo-Victorian, the Eclectic Muse, and Imago (University of Queensland Press).

Copyright © 2006 by Thomas B. White

Bewildering Stories bibliography

Poetry Prose Fiction
Beautiful Smoker
Hell, Cafeteria Style
The New Evolutionary Wars
The Day After Fox Hunting Was Abolished in England
Cooked Breakfast With the Devil
The Toxic Years
Winter Urban Party-Going Scene
Morphing Man
Multigenetic Chic (in 2 parts)
The Clowns of Apocalypse
A Cannibal of Impeccable Tastes
Non-fiction  The Otherness of Poetry

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