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“The Whimsy”

Well, Don,

The eagle has landed, or issue 119 has gone to print on the screen. I’ve read part 1 of “The Whimsy.” Now the truth is out: I’m an old cuss of a writer with a secretary called Bethany. (Love the choice of name). And then of course in the story come the bleeding heart picture and the gipsy curse. All good stuff to keep the readers entertained. It ended at just the right point, too.

I’m writing a serial for a print magazine in Cyprus. Episodes 1 and 2 have been printed. I’m trying to stay ahead by being at episode 5 at the moment. I wasn’t too sure how it would all end so I forced myself to do a synopsis. It was well worth the effort as it helps to focus the mind. Still got to write the rest of the serials though.

Best wishes,


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And best of luck with your Cyprus serial... Sounds like a good idea to write a synopsis, to keep ahead of the game. On the other hand, isn’t it fun to plow ahead without one, just to see what the characters will do next? Sometimes they mutiny or go on strike or, as in “The Whimsy,” reveal hitherto unknown characteristics or talents... Whichever way, it’s bound to be fun.

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