Bewildering Stories

Challenge 122

Ringing Changes

  1. In Julian Lawler’s “The Daemon of Light,” everyone but the main character has a name. How do you feel about that? Would giving her a name make much difference?

    Why would it have been less effective to introduce The Cause and Elden in prior exposition rather than as flashbacks? Those aspects of the story seem to come to an end in this chapter, but we can’t be sure. Does the chapter end in suspense or mystery?

  2. Omar Vega’s “The Hand of God” ends with Bill Lettich portrayed as a kind of Christ figure. Is the comparison appropriate? What would Lettich have to be or do to justify it?

  3. P. J. Lawton’s “The Quest,” is based on the peculiar situation of Jonas’ tribe. Jonas himself could be called a “passive hero”; that is, he seems to be an observer or reporter and is more done by than doing. At the end, does his decision to return home make him more of an “active” hero? If not, how would you give Jonas a more active role in the story?

  4. By its very nature, flash fiction is often a more or less elaborate joke. Can you think of a different ending to Shawn Madison’s “The Great Magnanimous”?

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