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What’s in Issue 122

Novels A story of ill-fated love unfolds in retrospect as Hunters prepare to execute a Light-Bearer in a wilderness: Julian Lawler, Battle Seer, chapter 4: The Daemon of Light, part 1, part 2.

New contributor Michael E. Lloyd begins a colorful novel inspired by the songs and music of Janis Ian. In the first chapter, “a young music student gets distracted by a fascinating visitor, and then nobody’s day goes quite as planned...”: Observation One: Singing of promises, chapter 1: Bilbao, Spain.
Serials McAllister has done all he can for Taylor... and Timmy. But the past comes back to haunt him, worlds away: Steven Francis Murphy, Tranquility Lost, conclusion.

A rival corporation gives Bill “Lettuce” a big break to complete his bioengineering project on Mars. At least he’ll live to see it started: Omar E. Vega, The Hand of God, conclusion.

Steak farmer Thomas Sutton mail-orders a gun and a pizza, loses his daughter, charges varmints and calls for help: Byron Bailey, Hoosier Steaks, part 2.
In a post-apocalypse world, Jonas the Seeker sets out to find a source of the mysterious drug that a tyrant uses to keep Jonas’s clan enslaved. On the way he meets a very nice girl... P. J. Lawton, The Quest.
How can a hapless magician and his assistant earn a living when his best trick keeps backfiring? Shawn P. Madison, The Great Magnanimous.


Welcome Bewildering Stories welcomes Michael E. Lloyd.
Challenge Challenge 122 sets about Ringing Changes.
Letters Omar E. Vega writes about how Bewildering Stories helped out.
The Reading
Jerry Wright reviews Marcus Sedgwick’s The Book of Dead Days and Timothy Zahn’s Dragon and Soldier.
Editorial Jerry Wright, Conflict

In Times to Come

Issue 123 will have the novels of Julian Lawler and Michael E. Lloyd under full sail, as well as Byron Bailey’s “Hoosier Steaks,” which will reach port. We have two or three new contributors on deck, one with a humorous story about a “wild, ill-tempered...” Well, we don’t want to spoil any surprises, now, do we? Among our old favorites: Jörn Grote, Ásgrímur Hartmannson, Steven Francis Murphy and Michael J A Tyzuk. Jerry and I are going to have to synchronize our list of forthcoming Bewildering treats Real Soon Now, because mine is beginning to run shorter than it’s been in recent weeks.

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