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Michael E. Lloyd

Our newest contributor expands Bewildering Stories’ already very respectable British contingent and probably several other groups, as well. You may want to ask him what “a technical architect for a major computer systems company” actually does: build computers or the buildings they’re housed in? Come to think of it, computers’ homes were once created by architects in the traditional sense of the term; nowadays they’d be made by fashion designers. And science fiction has long since anticipated the day when plastic surgeons will have a hand in it. And if you have any hobbies or extracurricular interests at all, Mike’s your man.

Observation One will grace our flagship “novels” category for some time to come: it will run for more than thirty chapters, although some of them will appear simultaneously. Mike thus lends distinction to an already distinguished group: Ian Donnell Arbuckle, Tala Bar, and Julian Lawler.

“Professional deformation,” as it’s sometimes called, can shape our approach to writing. Perhaps computer technology has something to do with Mike’s persistent but ever-courteous attention to detail. It’s really come in handy with the first chapter of his novel: for a number of reasons, the formatting had to be meticulous, and Mike has been able to give me feedback on problems that, by a permanent quirk of the ether, simply do not appear in my preview modes, either on or off line. Mike, it’s been a pleasure working with you, and we’re very happy to bring Observation One to the world.

Now, you hear that, world? Hop on over to Observation One, and enjoy!

Welcome to Bewildering Stories, Mike. We’re glad to have you for the long haul.

Michael Lloyd’s biographical sketch can be accessed here.

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