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Thanks very much for publishing "The hand of God". I am already writing "The Coke Maker II", and I think it will be finished in two weeks.

Meanwhile I have published quite a lot of things, in Spanish. In March a research about Chilean Sci-Fi will be published in an Argentinean magazine. And I have published a tale and an article in the Spanish e-magazine AlfaEridiani. I attach it for you. The cover illustrates my tale. Is about "Adam", the first man in Alfa Eridiani, a sort of Shakesperean hero.

And all of this is thanks to "Bewildering Stories", because you guys gave me the first opportunity.

By the way, do you have the Cyrano story in a plain format? And are you interested in articles?


Omar Vega

Congratulations on your success! We’re glad to have had a hand in it.

We’re looking forward to “The Coke Maker II.” And I’ve tried reading the copy of Alfa Eridiani you sent. I have to filter the Spanish through French, though, and the result is sometimes a truly Bewildering Story. I hope our readers will look up Alfa Eridiani on our Links page, although I think I may have spelled it “Alfa Eridani.”

Yes, we are very interested in articles. Unfortunately, we do not have a plain text version of Cyrano. I’ve been meaning to reformat it, but that is a big project, and other projects keep getting in the way. My suggestion is to download each page; that way, the hypertext notes will be preserved.



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