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Dear Thoraiya,

I'm reviewing your book in Issue 133 of Bewildering Stories. (Which will appear on this coming Monday.)

Pretty good for a first novel, and much better than I expected.

Tell me something about yourself, if you will.


Ahoy, Ye Editor

Sorry I didn’t get your email until today. I work full time as a veterinarian, and on my precious day off (Sunday), you can find me at Newcastle City Archers archery range, where I practice for 3-4 hours with my shiny recurved Olympic-standard bow. If the whole famous author thing doesn’t work out, I may be forced to attempt sporting stardom, something much closer to the heart of the common Australian, right?

Hmm, what else can I say. I like hiking, travel and alpacas. I can’t speak Arabic, much to the mortification of my father’s relatives with whom I cannot converse, but I can perform surgery to remove deadly cancer from budgerigars (is that even a little bit redeeming?) and hit a person-sized target with an arrow from 70 metres. I write compulsively, all the time; I scribble on the back of tissue boxes and playing cards when nothing else is within easy reach.

Thank you for your kind remarks about my book,

Thoraiya Bousaleh

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