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Novels Back in Nomen, Clavar Rakensoft and Father Rayul prepare for Palance and Andina’s arrival. But something dreadful also awaits. Meanwhile, in the marchlands, Palance has to make some crucial decisions of strategy: Julian Lawler, Battle Seer, chapter 11: First Blood Drawn, part 1; part 2.

‘Back in Bilbao, those left behind have had a difficult week. Meanwhile en route to Prague, Carla starts to build a new plan, and Toni learns a little about the Doman art of music’: Michael E. Lloyd, Observation One: Singing of promises, chapter 13: Behind the Tears; chapter 14: Night Trains.
Novella Martin catches up with Booth and pays him back with a sai for all the trouble Booth has caused. Loose ends are tied up, but a completely unexpected new one appears: Michael J A Tyzuk, Through a Glass, Darkly, conclusion.
New contributor Christian R. Bonawandt tells of brawny Durrtan and his terrified imp sidekick Milkik who encounter a fargging wyvern in a treasure cave. The adventure is enough to make the trepid though steadfastly loyal warrior consider a career change: Durrtan’s Quest.

D. A. Madigan convenes a meeting of comic-book superheroes. What are they like in private, when not out derring-doing with their superpowers? Oh the office politics of it all. It is truly a Meeting of the Mindless.
New contributor Mark Ellestad introduces an awesome new model of armaments: The Killer.

Laurie Seidler tells what a poor student can do to excel in life: In the Box.
Poetry Ian Donnell Arbuckle’s prose poem sings of beings of the earth and sky: Bird, said Bird.
Claudio Parentela concludes his second series of portraits with Art 854.
Essay New contributor David H Fears sends a lively essay on Finding a Writing Voice.
Discussion New contributor TCO says forcefully that What smells like science fiction sells as science fiction. His essay joins a time-honored discussion in the pages of Bewildering Stories.


Welcome Bewildering Stories welcomes Christian R. Bonawandt and David H Fears.
Challenge Challenge 133 bids farewell to “Through a Glass, Darkly” with Drink a Glass of Dark.
Letters Reviewed author Thoraiya Bousaleh writes about Her life in Australia.
The Reading
Danielle L. Parker reviews Lois McMaster Bujold’s A Civil Campaign.

Jerry Wright reviews...
  Thoraiya Bousaleh’s Red Soul, Green Soul and
  Frederick Pohl’s The Boy Who Would Live Forever.
Editorial Jerry Wright, Limits To Growth

In Times to Come

Our thanks to Danielle L. Parker for volunteering to organize the Story Contest and serve as contest manager. Ye Copy Editor has made four interlinked pages for the contest; they’ll be a permanent feature for about the next six issues. You’ll have to navigate from them back to the current issue through the home page, by tabbed browsing or your browser’s page history.

In issue 134, Julian Lawler switches the scene of Battle Seer back to the front lines in chapter 12 “Hunter of Wolves.” Michael E. Lloyd takes Toni to Prague in the beginning of chapter 15 of Observation One. New contributor Daniel Green begins the ominously-titled “Parasite Text,” scheduled for issues 134-135.

In the short stories: Deborah Cimo, “Conversation at Face Value”; Joel Gn, “Noir”; R D Larson, “Slam the Door Softly”; and new contributor Kenneth Nichols, “No Tears for Death.”

In poetry: new contributor Michael Lohr has a short cycle of verse and prose poems: “Disposable Culture.”

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