Bewildering Stories

Challenge 133

Drink a Glass of Dark

We sometimes salute the end of a serial in the Challenge. And so it is with Michael J A Tyzuk’s “Through a Glass, Darkly,” which concludes in this issue.

  1. Mike says that the title refers to hero Martin Horvath’s difficulty in understanding his own character. Martin has certainly changed since the beginning of “Moonshadow”; now that the novella has concluded, do you think that Martin has really changed since the opening episode of “Through a Glass, Darkly”?

  2. Do you think it’s plausible that Martin dispatches Booth in single combat in the spaceship hangar? And “Darkly” may refer to Martin’s character. What “reckoning” would you have in store for Martin, if you were to continue the story?

  3. Mike is very interested in political intrigue. Do you think the reported business with the Federation Council — in part 10 — could have been handled in a parallel scene?

  4. Arvala has a lot of explaining to do. How do you think her story will unfold, and how can she be both Elven and Michelle’s twin sister?

Thank you, Michael, and we wish you the best of luck with the further adventures of your space-faring heroes!

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