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David H Fears

Our most recent new contributor is a writing teacher, and yet he thinks of himself more as a student of writing. He’s had a lot of practice: almost a hundred short stories and a couple of novels. A mystery novel of his is expected to be published this year or next. His preferred modes are “mainstream nostalgic, literary, mystery and some fantasy/magical realism.” His hobbies, so to speak, are “Mark Twain, old cars, art and chess.”

He says he’s going to give a presentation to a group of teachers about creative writing, including the different approaches to the novel, short story and flash fiction. Wish we could be there! We hope David will share some of his presentation with us.

We have a start in this issue with his essay “Finding a Writing Voice.” A short story, “Something Woke Me,” is scheduled to appear soon.

Welcome to Bewildering Stories, David. We hope to hear from you again soon and often!

David’s biographical sketch — which is more like a portrait — can be accessed here.

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