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Mars Accelerates


by Deep Bora

Table of Contents
Part 1 appears
in this issue.

“I can safely therefore assume now, that the knowledge and practice of astrology flourished world-wide. This is corrected as between 1500 B.C. and A.D. 2020 — a passage of time roughly describing two thousand and five hundred years.” The fifth scientist companion made additional conclusions for his individual role in the discussion.

The professor asserted with an accompanied smile. He continued yet again. “However now, during the present ages, the very concept of astrology and its derivations are obsolete. This terminology is considered a closed file in the archives of unassembled information.

“Perhaps by the end of next year, I shall advise our joint governmental heads or the World Governor to okay initial procedures for obliterating all such files from our data bases. Or perhaps, we may store such lost tracks on Jupiter one; or its associated Advanced Space Research Laboratories. It also depends upon the decision which I shall favour to Earth Command and the World Council.” The professor appeared to be ruminating in the middle of their conversation.

“However, the practice of astrology assumed total — one hundred percent — significance world-wide with total popular awareness only during the mid A.D. 2000’s.

“A period of time from 1500 B.C. to 5 A.D. saw a rise in astrological technologies in Egypt, Babylonia and Greece. Until approximately 1500 A.D. astrology remained a very well maintained social secret in the eastern countries: India, China, Tibet, Japan, Burma, Vietnam and Thailand. It was practiced with thorough dedication, zeal and fervour by the populace of the former three countries.

“By the end of the first century, that is A.D. 100, the people belonging to Egypt, Babylon and Greece were beginning to turn away from the effects of astrological governance. Its jurisdiction was assigned only to the temples and other holy, religious places.

“However, now returning to our topic in question, er?” The professor leaned back upon his soft backed chair, neatly sipping coffee from the mug now devoid of warmth. The contents were ice cold. Cold Coffee.

He switched over to the glass of Earth water, draining its contents in one swift gulp.

* * *

“Mars was the planet which provided one with plenty of energy and courage. Stamina and bravery also figured prominently in the list of advantages.” By now the professor had walked up to the edge of the semicircular, transparent globe which also housed the breakfast chamber.

A twenty-five foot wide ledge two and a half feet height circled the transparent globe all along its inner and entire circumference.

His voice nearly dropped to a whisper as he spoke, aware that his companion scientists were gathered around him. From where he stood, Earth appeared within neat visibility, and he marvelled his parent planet, the world his ancestors had inhabited since the dawn of early times. Its north pole appeared to be white, snow-clad during winter months, now appearing more than snow-white to the naked eyes.

“Mars was the planet of energy and strength, unchallenged in supremacy. Anybody born with a good placement of Mars in his or her ‘natal astrological chart’ at the precise time of the person's birth, well, such a person was supposed to excel throughout one's life time. Provided that the placement of Mars was also good in comparison and relation to, the placement of the remaining fourteen planets in the natal chart. The ‘natal chart’ means the chart describing exact placements of all fifteen planets in one's personal astrological chart Mars made Emperors and Kings, famous and bold soldiers and warriors. It also made lords and chieftians!”

“When did its influence end?” The question reverbrated within confines of breakfast chamber.

"The major battles for supremacy in the late 2010 C.E. early 2019 and during all of 2035 C.E.. brought to an end all astrological calculations!

“Gentlemen, you are aware of Earth's shift of ‘inclination in space’. This shift occured at the later durations of A.D. 2020. Its preliminary deviation from more or less fixed cosmic angles also happened during the great wars of A.D. 2035. As a matter of fact, even Mars was reported to have tilted off balance during those moments of time!

“All this was a direct result of interplanetary outer space wars fought upon Earth. One does not comprehend how Earth, or for that matter, even Mars can withstand the devastating effects of protonic explosions all along its surface. Immense planetary shifts were bound to occur and these did happen.”

The fourth scientist companion made a futile effort in making noises simply to draw attention to himself and found himself unable to. “About those extraterrestial invasions, professor, sir.”

“Oh, you mean A.D. 2025! Well I was still a child in school then, since the matter cropped up. Surely we have access to adequate information and records stored in our computer banks by now.” He turned around to catch companion five's eyes.”You, gentleman, control those archives. Back upon Earth, it is your prerogative to maintain those files and you are assisted in this task by not lesser that two thousand personnel.” He smiled. A rare sight amongst themselves.

Halfway through dinner — a mix treat combining Earth salad with Martian delicacies, the professor preferred to relax under sunset at midnight a midst purple hues.

“Of foremost importance is one factor which none amongst you have highlighted, gentlemen.”

“And that is?” The question sounded in a hollow voice.

“The position of the Earth has deviated now: in comparison to its actual, natural balance in the cosmos vis-à-vis the other planets. I claim similar instances for Mars in question too. The natural position of Earth in space deviated greatly just after the wars of 2020 C.E. The same is true for Mars also.

“Now, it would be pertinent to state herein that the astrologers of a bygone era, were in favourable position to make precise calculations, predict events and major changes world wide. All this in relation to the movements of our planets within the solar system within the natural formation of these planets! Such feats were possible to have been achieved then, under those sets of cosmic circumstances!

“However, now in the present age, in A.D. 4073, most planets have deviated from their natural course or orbital trajectories. This was a nearly constant phenomenon in relation to the ‘universe orbital path’ for millions of years earlier; in comparison to time relativity procedures... the creation of our solar power, which is the sun and the other planets which revolve around it. These are the fifteen planets within our solar system including our Earth.

“These planets have been laid off their natural orbital courses perhaps by fractions of millions of mega-miles, yet surely this was caused by factors other than natural ones, whether human or otherwise.

“And therefore such precise astrological calculations — they could even predict wars and earthquakes, births and deaths, marriages also — hold no relevance in today's world. No, sirs. None at all in an unnatural condition.

“These ancestral calculations were man-created and humanly calculated; designed to suit us, or rather our ancestors, within the jurisdiction of the natural movements of the planets only...” His voice trailed on till a soft voice jarred them back to reality.

"Professor, sir, your Earth guest has arrived.” The astronaut-waitress announced from a respectable distance behind them.

“Please allow him in, ma'am.”

They were standing with their backs to the guest scientist, and were observing the Earth's meridians, when the latter joined them on tip toe silence.

“Good evening sirs. I experienced a wonderful and pleasant trip tonight. Professor, your wife conveys her love to you and regards to your companions. She promises she shall have lunch prepared for you and the four gentlemen back home on Earth, soon as you land on Earth stations.”

An Earthly message. It was warmly welcomed.

"Thank you, my dear. Do you have the Report?

“Yes professor. I have been active the past week tracing those nomadic people, who perhaps originated from either Finland, Norway, Sweden or the Netherlands of the lost world at about 1650 B.C. It was assumed that the nomads were perhaps descendants of a human sub-race which had earlier settled upon the Swiss Alps. I... er... do not have any idea where the alpine mountains of Switzerland are now located, within this time zone... of A.D. 4073. However, Nordic lineage or ancestry cannot be altogether ruled out. They are reported to have presumably settled in various countries during their travel eastward, latest by 1500 B.C. or perhaps 1450 B.C.”

“Yes...?” the professor queried, urging him to proceed.

"Well, there exists no evidence or useful data pertaining to astrology within those latitudes at those given time dates. Obsolete twentieth-century carbon datings can provide no match for comparison listings.As a matter of fact, gentlemen sirs, our present neutron and even protonic datings are incapable of bringing in further close references.

“However, there is ample evidence of a group of nomads who departed from the Orient — you know, the east and far-east zones of the ‘old lost world’ or near about, at the end of the 2300 B.C. They probably travelled further eastwards to safely reach the western zones by about 2200 B.C. or latest by 2100 B.C. Neutronic datings unerringly establish the fact that they settled into the higher and upper latitudes of the western zones of our Earth. I would venture to state that the Swiss Alpine mountains can be classified an adequate place for them to have settled. But all this occurred prior to 1500 B.C.!”

Companion four was the last amongst them to turn around gradually, ultimately facing the latest Earth guest squarely.

Companion three brought up his right hand to silence an anticipated lengthy report, which was due twelve hours earlier. He glanced in utter disbelief at the professor first, then immediately caught companion five's spectacled face. The Earth records! They must have wiped all references of the Nordic race! Yet how on Earth was it possible? The neutronic datings and records pertaining to 1450 A.D. were now inaccessible. He gently shook his head once.

The professor's voice was subdued as he made his next statement.

"Well, then, how does one explain observation or observatory locations placed at various defined coordinates across the world even today? Can we term these as prehistoric observation posts of the skies? Do such observatory posts relate to 2300 B.C. or earlier, to 2500 B.C.? Or perhaps to 1500 B.C. or thereabouts?”

Evening-midnight shadows had gradually crept up to engulf major portions of Mars’ surface.

The night was young and Earth seemed not so far off within calculable distance.

Copyright © 2005 by Deep Bora

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