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Prakash Kona

Professor Prakash Kona’s academic background is in modern philosophy and linguistics, notably the works of Chomsky, Derrida and Wittgenstein. He is the author of two novels: Streets That Smell of Dying Roses and the forthcoming Pearls from an Unstrung Necklace and an essay, “Involution.” His home is in Hyderabad, India.

Professor Kona’s first contribution to Bewildering Stories is “Nameless in a Faceless City.” Although it is fiction in a sense, we have decided to classify it as a lyrical essay. And that approach may be a key to understanding Prof. Kona’s unusual and innovative style. Like hard liquor, lyric works are best sampled in small draughts, and each installment of “Nameless in a Faceless City” will repay rereading. For that reason alone, the essay is scheduled to appear in six consecutive installments.

A Net search has turned up a very mixed reaction to the novel Streets That Smell of Dying Roses; critics either love it or hate it. To the latter, I suggest they take a cue from Bewildering Stories: read the novels and essays as extended lyrics, not as a traditional works.

An anonymous reviewer has mentioned certain literary influences: “His work, saturated by his awareness of the poverty of his country, is also informed by literary influences he has absorbed: among others, Marx, Dostoevesky, Gramsci, Pasolini, Genet, Saint Francis of Assisi, Derrida, Emma Goldman, and the Buddha.” I, for one, am glad Prof. Kona has not mentioned Jacques Lacan as an influence. If he had, we might really be in for a hard time!

Welcome to Bewildering Stories, Professor Prakash Kona. We hope to hear from you again soon and often.

Prakash Kona’s bio sketch can be accessed here.

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