Bewildering Stories

Issue 148

Who is said to have been “the mayor of the 20th century”:
Winston Churchill, Richard J. Daley,
Rudolph Giuliani, or Jack the Ripper?

Answer in issue 149; send in your contest entry here!

Readers’ Guide: What’s in issue 148

Novels Michael E. Lloyd, Observation One: Singing of promises...
   chapter 26: Strasbourg, France, part 1; part 2

euhal allen, The Bridge, II
   chapter 3: A New Direction, part 1; part 2; part 3
Novellas Tala Bar, Sacrifice
   chapter 5: Climax, part 1; part 2
   chapter 6: Aftermath, conclusion

Michael J A Tyzuk,
   Tangled Threads, Tangled Strings, part 1; part 2
Serial Rachel Parsons, I Get My Caresses
   from the Blood of My Victims
, part 1; part 2
Alfredo Álamo, Atom Jack and the Dreams Merchant
Michael Moore, The Messenger
Charles Richard Laing, The New City
Essays Prakash Kona, Nameless in a Faceless City, part 1
Michael J A Tyzuk, Remote Psychosis


Welcome Bewildering Stories welcomes Alfredo Álamo,
Prakash Kona, Michael Moore, and Rachel Parsons
Challenge Challenge 148: What’s the Message? What’s the Point?
The Reading
Danielle L. Parker reviews Philip Wylie’s The Gladiator
Editorial Jerry Wright, SF And The Net

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