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Alfredo Álamo

With “Atom Jack and the Dreams Merchant,” Alfredo Álamo explodes bursts emerges into the pages of Bewildering Stories as a new member of our distinguished Spanish-language contingent. He joins Sergio Bayona, Fermín Moreno González, Nicolás Padrón, Roberto Sanhueza, Omar E. Vega, and Adriana Alarco de Zadra. And that’s in addition to many other contributors who write in English as a second language.

Sr Álamo’s stories and poetry have appeared widely in Spanish-language magazines, among others, and have attracted considerable attention and praise. We are grateful to him for “Atom Jack” and to José Joaquín, editor of Alfa Eridiani, for recommending us to him.

“Atom Jack” is noteworthy for its attention to fine visual detail, which Sr Álamo uses in a deft, dramatic style. The conclusion of the story is worthy of an official Challenge: what do you, the readers, think the moral may be?

Welcome to Bewildering Stories, Sr Álamo. We hope to hear from you again soon and often!

Alfredo Álamo’s biographical sketch can be accessed here.

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