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What’s in Issue 158

Novel The Starhell refugees extend their operations back to Earth; the Galactic Council’s new Grand Minister tells his political ally, Me’Avi, a hair-raising story about an ancient enemy: euhal allen, The Bridge, IV, chapter 1: The Skeltz, part 1; part 2; part 3.
Serial Roscoe can’t afford his kleptomania medication and has to steal it. Is there no hope for him? Yes! Interstellar intrigue! But is the cure worse than the affliction? Catfish Russ, Klepto, part 2; part 3; conclusion.
Chuck the Demon is assigned to collecting souls. It’s a thankless Hell of a job, and he has to do it. When a madman starts mass-producing souls, Chuck gets an e-mail advertisement. But he’s not the only one: so do the Powers That Be: Beverly Forehand, Soul Searching.

Gentlemen, you must observe all the niceties of etiquette and good manners in courting a proper lady. Take liberties like an octopus with Mary Beth and you’re fertilizer: R D Larson, Ligulae.

Moredambeer and Airguitar and their merry — men? — of Moderate Earth encounter an Evil-looking, dark-horse riding, suave dude who wants to trade cool stuff for the Nose Ring of Power. Are you sure you’re ready for this? D. A. Madigan, On the Road Again, part 1; conclusion.

New contributor Amy J. Mendenhall describes a real-life obsession: Stalker.

New contributor Robert L. Sellers Jr begins a series set in the Weird Wild West. A word of caution: load your six-shooters with silver bullets if you want to join the Posse, part 1; part 2; conclusion.
New contributor Kathleen Weisgerber describes how she feels whenever she has to take The Elevator.
Poetry Daydreams may not be mere flights of fantasy, they may contain good advice: Viacheslav Iatsko, Miss Christina.

Who are these desperate men? And who — or what — is their enemy? Thomas D. Reynolds, Kill Them in the Night.
Essays Steven Utley once wrote a Letter to the New Editor of a Small-Town Newspaper.

‘Oppression might be as old as history but not as old as earth. To think that oppression is natural is to condemn oneself to deadly ignorance’: Prakash Kona, The Personal and the Political, part 1.


Welcome Bewildering Stories welcomes Amy J. Mendenhall, Robert L. Sellers Jr. and Kathleen Weisgerber.
Challenge Challenge 158 asks What Do You Make of It?
The Reading
Steven Utley, A Foreword to an Afterword to “Custer’s Last Jump”
Jerry Wright reviews Christopher Stasheff’s St. Vidicon to the Rescue.
Editorial Jerry Wright, Stuff.

In Times to Come

In issue 159

Novel: euhal allen, The Bridge IV, chapter 2 “Going Home”
New contributor Joe Vadalma, “A Visit to the 21st Century” parts 1-2
Short stories:
New contributor Jon Bishop, “Imprisonment”
Doug Hiser, “Texas Fire Ants”
New contributor Susan Mart-Charman, “The Ad”
Robert L. Sellers Jr, “The Gentlemen’s Club”
New contributor Don J. Webb, “Seventeen Views of Madness”
Flash fiction:
New contributor Mary King, “From Time to Time” part 1
New contributor Jim Schicatano, “A.K.A. Hell”
Viacheslav Iatsko, “Jane and Mike”
Thomas D. Reynolds, “The Collector”
Steven Utley, “Turn, Turn, Turntable”
Prakash Kona, “The Personal and the Political” part 2
Review: New contributor Susie Hawes, Blood Rain

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