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Don J. Webb

It had to happen: sooner or later another Don Webb was bound to turn up. And wouldn’t you know, it’s “the” Don Webb who features prominently in my bio as an author of occult fiction and an exciting mystery novel. After Don’s “Seventeen Views of Madness,” in this issue, I must now update my bio and admit that I am tempted to read that novel. And review it. I want to see and report on what my namesake has been doing!

One thing is sure: Don has been writing a lot and very successfully: he has over two hundred short stories published and anthology selections in double digits. His byline appears in such prestigious anthologies as The Year’s Best Fantasy and The Year’s Best Science Fiction.

Don points out that “Webb is the 14th most common surname in the USA” (I didn’t know that!) and that “Everywhere I have lived there has been another Don Webb.” Well, you’re ahead of me there, Don: I’ve never met another Don Webb in person aside from occasional run-ins with myself.

Don has graciously allowed us to use his middle initial in Bewildering Stories so we’ll know who we are and I can keep my e-mail safely scrabbling on the cliff edge overhanging Utter Confusion. Faced with a record like Don’s, I’ll settle for being the “other” Don Webb. May as well: I’m not even in the phone book. But... Don? If I get any more calls from Muggsy, shall I refer him to you or what?

Welcome to Bewildering Stories, Don! We hope to hear from you again soon and often.

Don J. Webb’s bio sketch can be found here.

Copyright © 2005 by “the other” Don Webb for Bewildering Stories

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