Bewildering Stories

Issue 159

The record number of welcome messages
in one issue of Bewildering Stories is:

Readers’ Guide: What’s in issue 159

Novel euhal allen, The Bridge, IV
    chapter 2: Coming Home, part 1; part 2; part 3
Serial Joe Vadalma, A Visit to the 21st Century, part 1; part 2
Jonathan Bishop, Imprisonment
Doug Hiser, Texas Fire Ants, part 1; conclusion
Susan Mart-Charman, The Ad, part 1; conclusion
Robert L. Sellers Jr, Gentlemen’s Club, part 1; part 2; part 3
Don J. Webb, Seventeen Views of Madness
Mary King, From Time to Time: Susannah’s Story
Jim Schicatano, A.K.A. Hell
Poetry Viacheslav Yatsko, Jane and Mike
Thomas D. Reynolds, The Collector
Essays Steven Utley, Turn, Turn, Turntable
Prakash Kona, The Personal and the Political, part 2


Welcome Bewildering Stories welcomes Jonathan Bishop, Susie Hawes,
    Mary King, Susan Mart-Charman, Jim Schicatano,
    Joe Vadalma and Don J. Webb
The Critics’
Don Webb, From Within and Without; Poles Apart
Letters Mary King writes about First Impressions of 158
The Reading
Susie Hawes reviews...
    C. G. Davis’s and Eric S. Brown’s Blood Rain
Jerry Wright reviews Rajnar Vajra’s Opening Wonders
Editorial Jerry Wright, xxx

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