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First impressions of issue 158

It’s so nice that you feel like my short story and poetry will be a good addition to what is already an extremely well written and well put together website. Seriously, the work there is very, very good.

I haven’t finished reading the current issue but I did read the “English-as-a-second-language” poem and enjoyed it a lot. Also, the flash fiction by Maire O’Reilly — I loved the way she worked in a story within a story and also I love surprise endings! I’m hoping to read more tomorrow at the office (on company time!)

Copyright © 2005 by Mary King

Thank you for the encouraging words, Mary! With your accomplishments in poetry, it’s no surprise that you started with the poems, and we hope you enjoy the rest of the issue as well.

Which leads me to wonder whether we might not set up a kind of thematic guide — I won’t say “bibliography” — to Bewildering Stories. Susie Hawes likes mythology and folklore; we have plenty to interest her. Other readers like horror fiction. Ditto for them. Still others are especially interested in fantasy as opposed to hard science fiction. Perhaps we could list authors who’ve contributed in those genres. Their bibliographies would be only a click away. It could be used in combination with Mike Lloyd’s index, which lists by authors, titles and genres (e.g. novels, short stories, poetry) and open up any number of possibilities for new and veteran readers alike. What do you think? Is such a project practical? Worthwhile? Please write and let us know!

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