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Susan Mart-Charman

Susan augments our already large Canadian contingent. In fact, if Ontario weren’t such an enormous piece of real estate, the contributors from our province could hold a conference to rival those in Washington state.

In this issue we welcome a newcomer who approaches the record for youngest contributor. We might give a prize to the oldest, but I’ll hog it for myself unless and until someone else makes a bid for it. Susan is proud of her experience in a multi-generation family and for twenty years in the field of accounting. As far as I know, Susan, you’re our first accountant, so I think you win a prize for that.

Susan also wins another virtual prize with her first contribution, in this issue: “The Ad.” It gives us a model of what it means to “Write about what you know.” “The Ad” is a touching story that has a personal flair, imagination, feeling, and optimism. Above all it has an indispensable and deftly added ingredient: the spice of humour.

Welcome to Bewildering Stories, Susan! We hope to hear from you again soon and often.

Susan Mart-Charman’s bio sketch can be found here.

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